Speaking Endorsements

“Amy was great to work with for our fundraiser. Our audience was captivated by her stories of growing up with a parent with severe mental illness. She used those stories along with Scripture to encourage and challenge us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, especially to those who are ignored and despised in our culture as well as our churches. Her message called the church to action and comforted those who struggle with their own mental illness that God has a purpose in their pain.”

–Ann Harder, HopeNet, Wichita, KS

“Amy not only brings to her ministry the personal trials of dealing with a family member with severe mental illness and the church’s lack of involvement, but she brings great acquisition of knowledge of the current state of the mental health profession. Her knowledge includes how the church and the mental health professions can work together to walk alongside the person suffering with mental illness and their families. I believe God has raised up Amy ‘for such a time as this’ to be a ‘prophetic voice’ for the church to be jolted out of its complacency in dealing with mental illness.”

–Pastor Brian Oswald, Congregational Care, Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, IL


“We were honored to have Amy share her very personal story about her mom’s illness and the impact it had on her as a young girl. There were many tears at our luncheon but it was very impactful to the audience and emphasized the need and importance of spirituality in healing. Amy’s presentation again proved that there is no room for shame in the healing of those with mental illness and in the hearts of those that take care of them. I believe 450 people left our luncheon last week helping to spread that message. I highly recommend Amy as a moving and inspirational speaker to any organization.”

–Beth Woodman, program director and senior administrator, Hope and Healing Center & Institute


“Amy is a gifted speaker who spoke at our church’s women’s retreat weekend. In a group of Christian women, you would think we can all handle worry, anxiety and fear, but as Amy spoke, she reminded us of how the three are truly different and what the scriptures say about these. Amy takes pieces from science and everyday life and interweaves personal stories and scripture to create the full scope of the topic. Her delivery shows how important the topic is to her and how she wants to connect with each of us and help us understand. After the sessions, Amy would stay and talk to the women as well, showing her desire to care and connect with us. Many women commented on how Amy’s talks touched them personally as worry is something with which we all deal. We would definitely have Amy back at another retreat and recommend her highly!”

–Debbie Solomon, First Presbyterian Church, Downers Grove, Illinois


“Amy was a keynote for our day-long conference on 20140328_192829 adolescent mental health and we were delighted with the way she touched our audience with her personal story and informed them about the issues related to mental illness and inspired them to pragmatic action with steps that the church and individuals can take to be supportive and accepting. Our attendees found her talk very powerful and very helpful and will long remember her reference to mental illness and the “no casserole” stigma evident in too many churches. Her message is critically important to the church and to us as individuals in order to understand the issues that families face related to mental illness and to inspire and equip us to respond compassionately as should be our purpose as representatives of Christ. Any related conference or workshop would be blessed to include Amy.”

–Monte Fisher, Director, Care and Recovery Ministries, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Menlo Park, CA


“When it comes to the topic of mental illness and the church, there are few speakers who are as articulate, educated, and gospel-centered as Amy Simpson. Amy recently spoke at our church’s annual ‘Mental Health Night,’ and gave a presentation that wove together stats, stories, challenges, encouragements, and God’s heart for the church. Amy doesn’t waste a word, nor does she ‘beat around the bush.’ I am grateful for Amy and for the way God is using her to spur on His church in this ministry!”

–Vinnie Adams, Special Needs Ministry Director and Worship Leader, Faith Church, Dyer, Indiana


“Amy’s presentation was extremely well-received by various members from all sectors. We have received numerous compliments via email and by phone regarding Amy’s presentation. A pastor on our advisory board even requested Amy to speak at a upcoming pastors conference. What I enjoyed most about Amy’s presentation, YouTube videos, and listening to her on several radio shows is her honesty and true desire to make a difference. Amy speaks from the heart and the combination of her heartfelt experience, passion, and her incredible communication skills makes her one fantastic speaker either in person or on any other platform. I highly recommend Amy Simpson for public speaking engagements!”

–Anthony Acampora, Director of Community Outreach, Broward County Crime Commission, Ft. Lauderdale


“Amy was a wonderful speaker we had at Visitation Parish in Elmhurst, Illinois. I had heard her doing a book review of her latest book, Anxious, on XM Radio’s Catholic Channel (#129). I loved what she had said and found it to be so relevant in today’s world. I quickly asked our Parish Faith Formation Board if we could book her for our next speaker! She was very thorough and honest and easily tied in scripture, which I thought to be truly important. The members who attended loved the talk and left wanting more, actually. Thank you so much, Amy, for bringing to light and providing spiritual encouragement for a disorder that so many people are struggling with today. I look forward to reading more from this inspirational and faith-filled writer!”

–Mary McCann, Visitation Parish, Elmhurst, IL


2014_1_TroubledMinds_014 Cropped“Thank you for presenting as a part of our Parent University. I was glad to have the topic of mental health addressed for our school families. I know your story is a painful and powerful illustration for us all to learn from, and with you, as we seek to find ways to raise awareness and reduce the stigma.

Thank you for your courage in sharing your story, for ending the silence and inviting the conversation in faith communities around mental health. I know we have a long way to go. It is people like you with lived experience and passion that will help move our faith communities forward in more compassionate companioning with those who struggle with mental health issues.”

–Rita Rippentrop, director, Alexian Brothers Parish Services, Schaumburg, IL


“Keynote speaker Amy Simpson was exceptional! She told of her family struggle of coping with mental illness. Amy takes her personal experiences and frames them in a larger understanding of mental illness and offers a Biblical basis for involvement.”

–Dr. Valerie Carter, WMUV, Executive Director/Treasurer


“Amy Simpson was an integral part of our presentation in Tyler Texas on mental illness, which we named Peace of Mind. We asked Amy to address the issue of what families can do when they have a loved one who presents with a mental illness. It is interesting to note Amy agreed to be a speaker when our conference was in its earliest stages. The conference went on to be a huge success, largely due to the people who wanted to be educated. Amy’s presentation helped families understand what they can do when faced with a crisis. She was encouraging and most of the comments I heard after her presentation were directed to how she gave people hope! You can view Amy in action at peaceofmindtyler.com. As the organizer of this conference, I can’t tell you how much Amy contributed to our efforts to help families facing this disease. She also agreed to be a part of a breakout session directed to how families and those with a mental illness cope. I would recommend Amy as a speaker to any group wanting to address this issue. I would also recommend her book Troubled Minds.

–Doug McSwane, Tyler, Texas


“We are so thankful that Amy came and spoke at our conference. Amy Speaking resizedEveryone who attended her workshop spoke very highly of her presentation and gave her outstanding reviews. Her personal testimony was vulnerable and powerful. Her passion for challenging the Church to a higher standard of care for those with mental health issues was obvious. I would highly recommend her for any event. Those who hear her will undoubtedly walk away challenged and moved.”

–Jordan Christner, National Director of Community Outreach, Meier Clinics


“NAMI Kane County North was privileged to have Amy Simpson as our featured speaker at our recent community forum on mental health. Her honest and powerful presentation concerning the impact of mental illness on her own family spoke to our hearts, and reinforced the fact that stigma keeps so many families isolated. She reminded us that we can all help in being part of the change, from simple kindnesses to active participation in reducing the stigma. We have opportunities in our own communities, in our faith communities, and in our day-to-day relationships. Audience comments, emails, and requests for more information validated how powerful her presentation was. Thank you, Amy, for helping NAMI in our mission to end the silence and stigma, and for being a powerful educator, advocate and a supporter of people with mental illness and their families!”

–Laurie Huske, Board President, NAMI Kane County North, Elgin, IL


“Amy Simpson recently presented on mental illness to our Adult Christian Formation class. In one hour she succeeded in communicating what mental illness is, how it has affected her and her family and what the church can do to respond to the needs of people who frequently turn to the church for acceptance and support. Amy communicates with clarity, humility, and transparency. Her story is a witness to her parents’ unconditional love for one another and their children, and God’s grace in what many would say are impossible circumstances.

The response from several in our congregation who heard Amy speak is “What can we do in response to her challenge?” Every pastor and congregation needs to hear what she has to say. Reading and discussing her book, Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission, will change your perspective on mental illness and the more than 25% of us who grapple with it each year. Amy’s message is one of hope and encouragement. God is using it to shed light in a dark area of life that few understand. Hearing her will enlighten and encourage you.”

–David A. Lundberg, MSW, LSW, St. Charles, IL


“Thank you, thank you, Amy! What a privilege it was to have you speak to our large group women’s Bible study on the topic of “Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission.” You connected with the audience on a deeply personal, emotional and spiritual level and made a profound impact on our understanding of the truths of mental illness. The conversations you opened up, in love, about how our community of faith might embrace those with mental illness, and their families, have continued to grow since your presentation. Every church leader and family of faith should hear
your story and take to heart your call that we be Jesus’ compassionate and hopeful presence to those making the mental health journey. Thank you, again, for breaking your share of the silence surrounding mental illness. May the Lord bless and multiply your Spirit-led efforts to erase the stigma!”

–Julie Baier, OMOH Mental Health Ministry of Christ Church of Oak Brook, Oak Brook, IL


“Amy speaks out of her own lived experience and this is what gives her work authenticity and credibility. Many who attended found their story in her story–powerful! But Amy went beyond her own story and gave the church and community ways in which they can get involved, break down barriers and walk alongside those who live with mental illness…I recommend her book Troubled Minds to all those in the church who want to explore the intimate side of mental illness from a family member’s perspective–captivating! Thank you, Amy. Your ministry has moved many in our congregation to begin a faith-based community support group.”

–Reverend Dona Johnson, Christ the King Lutheran Church

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