Client Testimonials:

"I knew Amy’s work as a coach would make a profound difference for me and for my team, and our experiences matched my expectations. Today’s 'leadership development' circuit pushes pricey, crowded conferences and expensive training kits and resources to grow. To me, making an investment in Amy’s coaching is a smarter, more effective way to go—and grow."

Matt B.

"Amy Simpson’s coaching has truly been a life changer! Our work together has given me the confidence to step into my true calling."

Bethany S.

"Amy Simpson was tenacious in her pursuit of my growth as a person, unwilling to be deterred by my fears or false ideas. Because of Amy’s coaching, I have a completely new understanding of who I am, why I’m in needed in the world, and what I not only can do – but will do – to change the world for the better. I will never be the same."

Tracy R.

Amy Simpson’s life coaching was a deeply formative experience for me. She gave me language and tools for discerning not only the kind of job I’d want to have but the kind of person I want to be. She is a gentle but firm guide and attentive to the details of your life and your development.

Katelyn B.

"Amy is a skillful and patient listener. I found her to be a wise and trustworthy coach who always communicated empathy for me and my loved ones, but who never failed to challenge me to find creative ways to approach the challenges in my life. I highly recommend her."

Christine S.

"Amy combines depth and humanity with great coaching skills to deliver results that feel natural, wholesome, and exciting. She is fantastic at really listening, getting to the heart of what matters for you as an individual, and then helping you plot the steps to a meaningful and inspiring life. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her"

Charlie M.

"In our coaching, Amy led me through challenges and fears with grace and strength. Anyone who has the opportunity to learn from her will walk away strengthened and equipped in new and surprising ways."

Andie M.

"Amy has an amazing ability to funnel all the random thoughts surrounding a decision to the core question at hand. She has an easy way about her and makes on comfortable immediately. I would highly recommend Amy's coaching skills."

Amy C.

"I now realize I was stuck in some areas of my life. Amy helped me work through what was most important to me and helped me get “unstuck” and on a road to stronger internal leadership. I’ve learned tools I can use that will be valuable for the long term."

Cory W.

"I never knew how much I needed coaching until I had my first conversation with Amy. As we’ve journeyed together, I’ve gained valuable perspectives that have made a bright and powerful impact on my life and relationships. I couldn’t be more thankful."

Janine P.

"Amy's coaching helped me figure out my next step in my career and how to get started. She had an uncanny ability to listen to my ramblings and pinpoint the heart of the matter. And even now, six months after finishing up our time together, when I’m trying to make a decision, I’ll find myself thinking, 'What would Amy say?'"

Dana W.

"You will love Amy! She’s wise and warm, with a depth of experience and a very sharp focus. She helped me identify my values in a short time. In the several weeks I worked with her, I was able to find vision and purpose I couldn’t see before. Amy can help you get really honest with yourself and organize your heart. If you’re at a pivot point in life and unsure about what to do next, my best advice is to work with Amy."

Emily C.

Simpson High Res-6You’re a Christian leader who thrives on a sense of purpose and calling. Your life influences the people around you, and they depend on you to be working toward being the best version of you. Like most of us, you’re frequently challenged, and perhaps inspired, by life’s developments. Things are changing, and you find yourself on the edge of something new—a new role, organization, or approach; a gutsy new project; a new career; a whole new sense of calling. Maybe you’re ready to start a new movement.

I can help! I work with leaders to help them see clearly, lead boldly, and live true. I would love to empower you to step into your calling with authenticity and excellence. By extension, your own growth will inspire the people you lead.


How It Works

As an experienced leader, in roles from executive to entrepreneur, I know how to help others turn challenges into resources. My coaching program is designed to help you live and lead with purpose, confidence, and authenticity.

We’ll begin by understanding where you are and developing tools we can use to help you move toward where you want to be, building your inner strength along the way. We’ll create a custom and personalized program based on your needs, and we might focus on one or more of these areas (or others):

Packages & Pricing

Option 1: Month-to-month (no minimum commitment)
• $400 Launch session: 2-hour intensive to get us started
• $400 Monthly coaching: 2 hours total per month
(four 30-minute or two 60-minute sessions per month)

Option 2: Three-month minimum commitment
• $300 Launch session: 2-hour intensive to get us started
• $300 Monthly coaching: 2 hours total per month
(four 30-minute or two 60-minute sessions per month)

Option 3: Six-month minimum commitment
• $250 Launch session: 2-hour intensive to get us started
• $250 Monthly coaching: 2 hours total per month
(four 30-minute or two 60-minute sessions per month)

Option 4: Three-session customized intensive
• $500 for three focused 1-hour sessions

Contact me with any questions, for more details, or to schedule a free complimentary 30-minute sample session.

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    Once you discover what this assessment reveals, I would love to hear from you and potentially work with you as your coach. But if you’re not interested in coaching, I hope you’ll use this download and act on what you learn. Challenge yourself, find some support, pray for the courage to grow. Everything great that you have to contribute to the world will start in your inner world. Make it strong!

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