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“One Day You’re Going to Help Somebody”

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Charity Muhammad. As you may know, I started a new job a few months ago, as an acquisitions editor for Moody Publishers, and Charity is one of my co-workers. As I’ve gotten to know her and a bit of her story, I’ve become eager to tell you […]

Do Gender-Based Ministries Belong in the Church?

The failure—and potential—of women’s ministry has been a popular topic over the last decade. From Why Women Don’t Like Women’s Ministry to Why We Don’t Need “Women’s” Ministry, the blogosphere is still alive with discussions of what’s wrong with such ministry and why so many of us, who thought we were the only ones, feel […]

Lessons from a Floating Motel

In my memory, I call it the floating Motel 6. Now, I realize that might be a bit unfair to this plucky budget chain. After all, in a pinch a cheap motel is far better than sleeping without a roof (unless you planned to sleep under the stars, in which case it’s way better than […]

Embracing Idols in Women’s Ministry

“This letter is from John the Elder. It is written to the chosen lady and to her children, whom I love in the truth, as does everyone else who knows God’s truth–the truth that lives in us and will be in our hearts forever. May grace, mercy, and peace, which come from God our Father […]

Ideas for Women’s Ministry

Last week, I posted an article about Why I Don’t Do Women’s Ministry. This week, I wanted to write a follow-up post in the hope that it will generate some ideas for how we might make women’s ministries more effective. Mostly, I’d like to hear your ideas. But in order to get this conversation started, […]

Why I Don’t Do Women’s Ministry

I really hate those “home parties.” You know, the ones where you go to someone’s house and hear about the latest gadgets, skin care products, or overpriced home décor. The hostess serves brownies and everyone talks about their kids and how busy they are. Then the sales representative stands up and gives a hyper-peppy presentation […]

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