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An Announcement, a Celebration, and 10 Things I Love about Audiobooks

I love to read. That statement feels so inadequate. It would be difficult to overstate my affection for books. In fact, I’ll admit that in my more resentful moments I view the world and its concerns simply as a loud and repetitive interruption of my reading time. So of course I find it important to […]

Guest Post: The Art of Empathy

My friend Karen (you can read more about her at the end of this post) has written this piece, reflecting on why she writes fiction and how she answers frequent questions like “What is your book about?” We all have questions that we have come to expect, about our work, lives, and loves. I imagine […]

Jesus and The Hunger Games

Spoiler alert! This article contains major spoilers for not only The Hunger Games movie, but the entire book trilogy. While it won’t spoil everything, if you haven’t read the book series, please be aware that reading this article may give you more information than you want! A few days ago, I finished reading (“devouring” might […]

Perils of Life on a Postcard

Jenny squeezed the book against her side and tried to look bored. She wanted to avoid her mother’s gaze, lest she be marked as idle and pressed into further service. It was one of those days when Mom had a seemingly endless list of household projects, made more annoying by her personal enthusiasm for them. […]

. . . and Coleslaw

I can’t believe I have to take the stupid bus. Lauren tripped over an uneven crack in the sidewalk, further souring her mood. She shoved her hands into her pockets and ran her finger over the nametag she had stashed away for her shift at work. It was bad enough that she had to spend […]

Squinting Up at the Light

Beth turned on the car radio and turned her attention to the headache she had been ignoring all day. It was sitting behind her eyes, pressing on them maliciously and at the same time hammering at her temples. It was the kind of headache that must afflict the people on TV commercials for pain medicine, […]

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