10 Gifts You Probably Could Give Someone This Christmas

Looking for gift ideas that won’t break the bank? Need something special for someone who doesn’t really need any more stuff? Look no further! You already have the capability to offer what people most want from you. These are the kinds of gifts anyone can give–but many of us rarely receive. They can’t be wrapped, bought, or sold, but they’re tremendously valuable and always in high demand. They can change a person’s day, year, or life. And their effects can last forever. And they can be paired with almost any other present. So even if you’re handing out gifts like Santa Claus this Christmas, don’t overlook them. Consider offering these to the people you love:

1. Significance–Remind them God loves them and their lives have purpose. Make sure they know they matter to you and the world is better because they’re in it.

2. Vision–Look past the surface and see them. And tell them what you see in them.

3. Indulgence–Join them in doing something they want to do.

4. Artistry–Make something for them, from the heart. Write a poem, make a craft, bake a cake, write a song, draw a picture…

5. Remembering–Reminisce together about your shared history. Or ask them to tell you about times they remember.

6. Time–We’re talking about quality and quantity. Focus on someone else for a while and let the other stuff go.

7. Listening–Listen to them without formulating your response or thinking about your own story or offering easy answers.

8. Priority–Make them your top priority, and plan your time accordingly.

9. Teaching–Teach them something they’ll appreciate.

10. Prayer–Pray for them. And pray with them, if you can.

The fact is, most of us have no true need for more stuff. The reality that we sometimes have trouble coming up with gift ideas is evidence of the ridiculous abundance in which we live. But many–perhaps most–of us are suffering from a chronic deficiency of true community, real love, and healthy intimacy. And in a world of lonely people, desperate for care and significance, the greatest gifts we can give are all found though relationship.

  1. Amen to the “no more stuff.” Except maybe a cappuccino maker. (Kidding. Kind of.)

  2. Cathleen Booker says:

    Dear Amy,

    What you wrote was beautiful and full of meaning. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Charity Muhammad says:

    I LOVE this!!

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