We Can All Choose this Antidote to Loneliness

It turns out we hyper-connected people are very lonely. And the youngest adults–arguably the most connected through social media–are the loneliest among us. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it actually makes sense.

Check out the video to hear a few thoughts on this–and on one thing we can do about it.

  1. Candace McMahan says:

    Amy, once again, you nailed it. Thank you.

  2. Philip Enomoto says:

    Hi Amy,
    The paradox of increasing anonymity within the context of heightened communication technology in this “screen-age” has been identified as an enemy of Christian discipleship building in a Barna report dated 2015 titled, “The State of Discipleship” completed under the auspices of The Navigators; an evangelical disciples leadership organization.
    I too, am becoming guilty of favoring screen-gawking over friendly neighborly conversation while waiting in bank and grocery lines. I think this propensity towards “hiding oneself” behind a screen goes back to the Garden of Eden and Genesis where hiding one’s fear of nakedness originated it is now more technologically advanced but same aroma.
    I sense that we the Church have a new 21st Century spiritual discipline of putting down, turning off and perhaps even shelving our smart phones and spending time more quiet time with Christ. Will we do it?

    • Amy says:

      Great challenge, Philip. And I would add spending not only more quiet time with Christ, but also more time actually talking with and listening to our fellow human beings.

  3. Carlene Byron says:

    Amy, just a suggestion: I love your work. I also have a strong preference for written rather than oral or video content. Would you consider using transcription software to make your videos accessible to those of us who don’t enjoy being tied to a device for as much time as oral content requires?

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for your suggestion, Carlene. I can related: I prefer written content too! I occasionally do these short videos, just for people who prefer that format. But the vast majority of my material is in written form. You’ll be able to find a lot of good stuff to read here on my site and elsewhere, in articles I’ve written. Thanks for your compliment about my work!

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