A Christmas Prayer

Great God, creator of all that exists, you humbled yourself and took on the substance of your own creation.
May we deny our own entitlement for your sake and the sake of others this Christmas.

You slipped into the bondage of time and space so you could be one of us.
May we lift our eyes to the realm where you live, remembering we are but dust.

You showed the first glimpses of your glory to the unwashed, the powerless, and the outsider.
May we open our hearts to the people at the margins and on the outside looking in.

You served the outcast, the villain, and the ordinary person.
May we look beyond our prejudices and pedestals to see the essential value in everyone.

You extended peace and goodwill to all people.
May we do the hard work of cultivating generous spirits.

You lived only to fulfill God’s plan and purpose.
May we bow to your work in our world and willingly exercise the privilege of participation.

You turned the world and its expectations upside-down.
May we hold our expectations and assumptions loosely and with humility.

May we recognize you in the faces of people in need.
May we know you in your full glory and see your perfect justice done.
May we hope in your grace, rejoice in your forgiveness, and live forever in your love.


  1. Marie says:

    What a beautiful prayer to lift to the Lord this Christmas morning. Thank you for enriching my day. I hope to share it with others today.
    Thank you!

  2. Great Liturgical Prayer that can be used in any mainstream church.

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