Planning a Retreat? We Can Help!

Are you looking for speakers, or a great idea, for an upcoming retreat? You came to the right place–for both.

I’m excited to announce I’m partnering with spiritual director and retreat queen Jen Manglos. We’re working together to develop and offer weekend retreats, and we’re willing to come to you.

Here’s what we provide:

• a complete retreat program with two experienced speakers
• a fusion of teaching, group discussion, individual reflection, sensory experiences, spiritual practices, prayer exercises, and other learning approaches
• optional one-on-one coaching or spiritual direction for participants
• a customized approach, tailored to the needs of your organization

We’re currently offering two retreats:

Fear and the Christian Life

Fear holds a delicate place in our society. It protects us and helps us protect others. In our world, it is perfectly appropriate, and even wise, to be afraid at times. But fear makes a horrible master. Living in a culture of fear and fortification takes its toll not only on our privacy and freedom, but on our hearts and minds as well. As those who have received love and grace from God himself, we are not only obligated, but also equipped, to offer courageous love to those around us. In this retreat, you will examine the role of fear in your life, consider the relationship between love and fear, and find inspiration in God’s perfect love, which banishes our fear.

Living a Life of God’s Rest

Tired. Exhausted. Burned out. These words describe a way of life for many. Yet as much as we desire a break, once we set aside time to rest, we often find ourselves unable to do so. We struggle to balance the need to recharge with all of the demands of daily life. Practically, what does it look like to receive the rest God offers us? Join in in this slower-paced time of retreat, to recharge and reset with God. This retreat experience will explore how we were created to rest, cultural and personal barriers, and practical ways to integrate rest into your life.

For more information, contact me. I’d love to hear from you, answer your questions, and help you consider whether one of our retreats will be the right fit for your group!

© 2017 Amy Simpson.