10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas

As a service to all the people in my life, I’m taking the time to post my Christmas list here, in case anyone is looking for last-minute ideas. So check it out if you haven’t gotten me anything yet and you have several thousand extra dollars lying around!

1. A couple of nights for two in Sweden’s Icehotel
(Oh, and transportation to and from. And we might as well hit a few more spots while we’re in the country, so maybe include a lot of extra cash.)

2. An opportunity to redo a few key moments in my life
(I guess what I’m really asking for here is time-travel with the ability to change history. Maybe they have it on Amazon. I haven’t checked.)

3. One of those cars with a huge bow around it, sitting in my driveway on Christmas morning
(This is just for the experience–I don’t really care about the car.)

4. A year’s supply of Lindt Lindor dark chocolate orange truffles
(That is, a year’s supply as defined by…me.)

5. A chance to speak before Congress
(I only need about 2 hours…)

6. An appearance as the guest star on The Muppet Show
(The original show–this one would also involve time travel.)

7. An all-expenses-paid trip to Antarctica
(One of those hugely expensive three-week cruises, please.)

8. A quick, easy, and complete cure for plantar fasciitis
(Please. Just really please.)

9. The services of a laundry-folding elf
(I’ll do the washing and drying, no problem. It’s the folding that presents a problem around here.)

10. A domesticated silver fox from Russia
(Good news–they’re legal in Illinois!)

I hope this has been helpful. Have a merry Christmas!

  1. Cathleen says:


    Good morning! I really enjoyed reading your Christmas list. I’ve heard it said the first 20 minutes of any day determine what the rest of your day will be like. Reading your post this morning made me chuckle; it’s sure to be a good day!

    Merry Christmas, Amy!

  2. Jennifer Greene says:

    I love your list! Merry Christmas!
    God bless you and your family throughout this season of celebrating Christ’s birth, and always.
    Thank you for sharing your life and ministry.

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