10 Rarely-Celebrated Reasons the World Is Better than Ever

A few months ago, I posted a list of 10 Rarely-Mourned Reasons the World Is Worse than Ever. This week seems like a good time to post an antidote, focused on things we can appreciate about our place in history.

In these times of near-constant alarming news, head-scratching headlines, and discouraging developments, it’s easy to get caught up in pessimism and to throw up our hands in despair as the proverbial handbasket slides down the old slippery slope. It’s just as easy to lose sight of the many reasons these are also the best of times. In this post I will undertake to highlight a few of the often-unsung reasons our world is wonderful.

1. Lasik!–A few minutes of sheer terror, including a short time of certainty that you have gone blind, followed by years of unspeakable joy when you wake in the morning and see the clock with clarity. Definitely worth doing!

2. Google Earth–Amateur spies and armchair travelers have never been so well equipped. Nor have I. Is that creepy?

3. Asthma inhalers–Let’s face it, many of us shouldn’t be alive right now. Personally, I owe most of my good years to this little contraption.

4. Electronic toll collection systems–Remember carrying buckets of change in your car and stopping every few minutes to wait in line to throw actual coins in baskets? What a beautiful time this is to be alive!

5. Weather apps–It’s like having an insomniac meteorologist in your pocket!

6. Scented candles–We burn them for fun, not because we have to! The eighteenth century is rolling in its grave.

7. Daily shower cleaner–Forget carbon footprints; this puppy reduces your actual footprints! A few sprays now saves hours of backbreaking labor, scrubbing at your own filth.

8. Heated car seats–In general, the automobile has come a long way. But imagine how this single development would have made our twentieth-century forebears weep with longing to live in our times.

9. Personal spray-bottle fans–Both powerful and portable! I think humanity may have reached its true apex in the development of individualized climate control technology.

10. Canned air–Likewise, it’s hard to imagine improvement on this replacement for old-fashioned blowing.

I hope you’re inspired by this list. Go forth and enjoy the luxuries of life in these amazing times! And share your ideas on what I’ve overlooked.

  1. Pam Shoup says:

    I love this Amy! Your are so spot on! I will add two more: navigation apps on our phones. I rarely get lost anymore, even in foreign countries! And ebooks! I have so many downloaded to my ipad that I will be in book heaven for years to come. Thanks for the smile this morning.

    • Amy says:

      Good ones, Pam! We just spent 2 1/2 weeks driving around New England, and I was thinking about the old days, when one of us would have had to be looking at the map the whole time.

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