Guest Post: Is Today Your “One Day”?

I think you’re going to enjoy this unique post from my friend Jodene Shaw (you can read more about her and find a link to more of her lovely work at the end of this post). Jodene is an artist who expresses herself beautifully and teaches others to do the same. You’ll see samples of some of her work in this post. And consider joining her for her video art (and more) class “One Day,” which starts today!

In the past week,
I’ve been thinking about
The boundaries
that I come up to and look over
and then retreat back away from.

Life is continuously filled with these edges.
Thresholds open for the crossing.

Picture 1

Thoughts and ideas and plans and dreams
come right up to
and then back away.

And wonder
will I ever cross over?

Picture 2

A couple thoughts occurred to me as I was making things
the other day
I started to type up some
“One day”

What if “one day” was today?

I do believe this will
become part of one large piece
I will make to remind myself
to decide
to believe
to trust
to press
to cross
to be all in
to risk
to really live.

Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17

Putting my work, my pictures, my words out there
has been one flying leap of faith
after another.

It still takes courage.

It still opens my eyes to new places to stretch my wings,
to new butterflies flying in my stomach,
to new horizons to journey toward
with no guarantees
but lots

Last February, I wrote these words above about the things
that hold me back from taking small steps as well as big leaps forward in my life.
This led to considering what my life would look like if those things no longer held power over my choices.
In reflecting on the statements, I realized that the key to unlocking my cage of fear was in my own hand all along.
I had been standing on the edge of a goal for several years.

These statements ultimately led
to the class that I am currently filming
and releasing Monday, January 11, 2016,
called “One Day.”
It uses the tools of writing, art, photography, and hiking
to discover and confront fears
and unearth faith and courage
with the purpose of

I invite you to join me on this adventure in all things creative
And discover deeper faith and courage along the way!

I am an artist working from my home studio on our cattle ranch on the prairie in western South Dakota.
My husband, Jim, and I are raising our son, Tom, and two daughters, Sydney and Erin.
We have a kid in each level: high school, middle school, and elementary.
Our lives are full and rich and getting settled into a new home in which we plan to live out our days.
My business is named White Owl Wings
because we live at a little dot on the map called White Owl
and I have grown up with an affection for birds.
My work is mainly mixed media collage, in which I bring
together paint, my photographs, and words from my journaling, Scripture, and quotations.
I love teaching others how to do this process with their own photos and words.
I have a passion for finding the voice of the Lord,
then telling my stories through art and words
in order to inspire others to seek Him
so that they too may discover and hear His voice for themselves.

I have a special storyJodi Shaw
that was a miracle blessing upon White Owl Wings.
You can read it here:
My Snowy Owl Story

To learn more about Jodene Shaw and her work as an artist and classes,                                visit her website at

  1. Louise says:

    That was exactly what I needed to read tonight. Praise God and thanks to Him and you for your words. I pray they will become my words and God will inscribe them lovingly on my heart x

  2. Beautiful art blended with inspiring script. YEAH!

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