Q&A: Does God Heal Mental Illness?

I receive a lot of inquiries from people asking for advice about living with mental illness, loving someone with a mental disorder, and doing ministry among people with mental illness and their families. I can’t offer the kind of advice and help a mental health professional can give, but I can point people in the direction of resources that might help them. Sometimes it’s a matter of just introducing people to resources that are available. Sometimes it’s a matter of sharing my own personal experience and my own perspective.

Occasionally I share some of these interactions* here, for the benefit of others who may have similar questions.

Here’s one:

Question: I live with a serious mental illness, and I believe God can heal me. Do you ever hear of people who are miraculously healed from mental illness? While I want to believe the Lord will heal me, sometimes I think he doesn’t heal me because I don’t deserve it. I do believe in Jesus, and I read the Bible and pray, but I’m afraid God has given up on me and will send me to hell. Living this way is so hard.

Answer: I’m so sorry to hear of your troubles. What a difficult trial you face. To answer your question, I have heard of a few people who say they’ve been miraculously healed of mental illness. But for most people who do experience some healing, it comes as a result of faithfully taking medication, participating in therapy over a long period of time, making healthy lifestyle choices, and involvement in a loving community of Christians. I hope you have, or can find, a few people who support you and encourage you to believe the truth about Jesus and about yourself.

You’re right, the Lord can heal you and can make you whole. But usually–just as with other forms of illness–he provides that wholeness through the work of doctors, medications, and counselors.

Please remember that all of us are undeserving of God’s grace. Even the most righteous, most well-behaved person on earth is full of sin and unworthy of the love Jesus offers us. So his grace and his free gift to you have absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve done, how you feel, or even the thoughts you continue to have. He loves you regardless–just the same as he loves me or your pastor or anyone else. If you have asked him for forgiveness, he has forgiven you. You can live in the freedom and light of that truth. You can make good choices to get more and more mentally healthy, a little bit at a time, without worrying about hell. “There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). Jesus doesn’t want you to live in fear and guilt. He wants you to accept his love and forgiveness and take good care of yourself so you can be the person he has placed you on earth to be. He has a purpose for you.

*Questions have been modified to protect privacy.

  1. Aimee says:

    I agree with Amy. I too have a serious mental illness and have battled it for over ten years. But God. Yes, But God – without Him and His Truth – the Word of God, I would be left in the state I was in – without hope. I pray you will find your true identity in Christ, sweet woman. Seek His Word daily to see that He has intense love for you. He may not choose to heal your disease on this side of heaven but trust me, He has a plan for you to live a full life despite the illness. You are loved, cherished and made whole only through Him who died for you on the cross. We have hope that we can take up our own cross (mental illness) and show the world that we are not defined by it but by who Jesus says we are. Dig friend in His word and you will find the hope you need to sustain you each and every moment of every day. He is faithful to complete the work He has started in you, take the next step of obedience and see the blessings that will come from it.

  2. Dan says:

    I like your answer, Amy. Only thing I might add is that there are many illnesses God chooses not to fully heal in our earthly bodies, including most brain diseases such as schizophrenia, depressive or anxiety disorders, other thought disorders, dementia, parkinsons, some strokes, etc. For those not fully healed of some type of disease or distress, trust Paul’s testimony in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, which is, “Because of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me—to keep me from exalting myself! Concerning this I implored the Lord three times that it might leave me. And He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.” Most gladly, therefore, I will rather boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me. Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong.”

    • Annie says:

      I’m thankful you shared this verse about Paul. I used to ask God to heal me. Finally I accepted that the Holy Spirit reminded me of this verse every time I struggled. I believe Paul’s thorn might of been some kind of mental struggle.
      I thank God for modern medicine along with actions of the years which have helped me manage my mental struggles.

    • Awkwardmerry says:

      I needed this so much today…need this everyday actually. ..Thanks

    • Matt says:

      Why do we always use Paul’s Thorn In the Flesh as a reason why we’re not healed? No where in the Bible does that say that that is a physical ailment. What the Bible does say it is a messenger of Satan sent to strike against Paul. Another words, thorn in the flesh is what we would use to say pain in the neck. In regards to depression, Proverbs says anxiety in the heart causes depression. So I believe depression is rooted in anxiety. To heal from depression we must first heal from anxiety.

      • Rosi Rosas says:

        Amen. What people need is the TRUTH and the HOPE only found in Jesus our Healer. By His stripes we are healed. Not sure when the church decided God can only use medicine and doctors instead of His own hand and power directly to heal us. He has totalled healed me from anxiety and panic attacks endometriosis and healed my son of asthma and I believe He desires to heal every one if they only know the truth and choose to believe it and accept His free gift.

  3. Don says:

    I am labeled mentally ill but from what I see most of the death and destruction is created by people who are not mentally ill.I have a dual diagnosis and the computers say recovery is a longshot for me but I believe in Jesus and Heaven so that is not too concerning to me.I certainly do not agree that taking medication will help: the ones they gave me made me more suicidal! The nice cartoon ads on tv are swell: the happy woman taking her meds and the soothing voice listing all the horrible things they can do.Good fellowship; sure; a healthy lifestyle; great; but therapy and meds: I don’t know.I try to do a few good works and also use prayer as an aid and they work:but I still feel only death will free me.Like, but ” to die is gain” yes? I don’t like to suffer and some friends have taken their own lives but for me more suffering means a better house in Heaven, maybe a corner lot! Thanks, Don

    • philip says:

      Hi Don,

      My heart and prayer goes out to you. I have a son who has schizophrenia which has been a gigantic “hiccup” in his life which I also call, “The Invisible Badge-of-Courage”. This disease had affected all of us in our family but which has also been the one outstanding God-permitted circumstance and thorn-in-the-flesh which God has not taken away. As with the Apostle Paul I had prayed numerous times asking that He remove this mental illness from my son. And fortunately He did not remove it. Because after time (a long time) this “hiccup” has helped towards shaping Purpose in our lives and my son’s life because he has become an example of how sticking-to-the-program and Jesus Christ results in a life with greater meaningfulness and off course a life of quality that is more than worth living for!! Furthermore, because of your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ your life has unimaginable value within the context of the Church today. There has also been some practical outcomes. For example, his illness has led me towards personal growth by completing a nursing degree and license in the State of Hawaii; a license which has been used for volunteer work within the mental health community in the Church. By public speaking, we have been an encouragement for others who suffer within The Church of Christ to waken to the plight of individuals like yourself. (Please remember Don, 1 X 4, One out of four persons in the suffer or will suffer from mental a mental illness in their lives; you are not alone!!)
      To continue as regarding practical outcomes, staying-the-course has led my son to be employed in a restaurant at a mental health hospital in our sunny state of Hawaii and independent living while providing hope for others to “stay with the Program” and to stay within your Faith-Community so you can help others since none can know the pain better than you and you may then walk with others and helping them to stand though their knees may buckle under the strain and social stigma of the mental illness. God knows you and your needs intimately and please take heart and memorize this Scripture for yourself and others from Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice”.
      Please seek out a community that needs you like http://www.unitedselfhelp.org which may not be exclusively Christian based but nevertheless you have been called into this World for a Purpose. I assure you and guarantee that you will not be snuffed out!! No, you will burn with light of life in your Christ’s community!!! And finally, my prayer for you this evening is from Numbers 6:24-26: May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you and may the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.. Amen

    • Tamaz says:

      Hi Don, it’s Tamaz, I have the same feelings and beliefs. I believe that only God able to heal people like us. I’m in the same position like you. God bless us and gives us endures to suffer and tolerate and to bless for others also who don’t understand. I’m sure we are in the righteous way toward God and eternal happiness

  4. Excellent response! As a Psy.D. (doctorate in clinical psychology), as a woman with depression/anxiety propensities (genetic) who has had several major episodes over the years, and as a committed Christian, I can say that having a wholistic approach to life with mental illness is essential–medication and therapy if/when needed, empathic social supports, healthy diet, regular exercise, and a mind absorbed by God’s truth despite feelings. Stigma remains about mental illness and the use of medication, especially in the Christian community. However, we who walk with internal pain at times need to speak up and speak out about the command of Christ to be merciful to the suffering.

    • Annie says:

      When someone suffers with certain mental conditions, it’s no different than any other illness. If you take medication and suddenly feel normal for the first time, you know it. I haven’t had substance abuse problems so it’s been easier for me to self-recover. My social struggles have gotten better because I’ve accepted that I’ll always be a little different and that’s how God accepts me – in my weakness.
      I will probably stir up a hornets nest by saying this, but I think the Apostle Paul suffered with something mentally challenging. He trusted God in his weakness.

      • Matt says:

        Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)

        12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  5. Mimi says:

    Hi, I am a born again Christian! I also have PTSD, General Anxiety disorder. I do not have many friends who are Christians. I would love to make friends with some of my brethren, and of course, I think it would be neat to meet others who know what its like to live with mental illness. I dont email often, I respond to emails probably evety few days so I wont be constantly bugging anyone. Thank you in advance to all who respond, and to those who prayerfully consider it, even if it doesnt turn out to be something thats for you to do. 🙂 mimilovelace3@gmail.com

    • philip says:

      Hi Mimi,

      I applaud you for not becoming a “Lone Ranger” in life. As stated in the very beginning in Genesis paraphrased: “it is not good for anyone to be alone in this life.” Even God is a Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) that is, a loving community and likewise as we are the “Imago Dei” created in the image of God we too were meant to be in community.
      So I applaud loud and with clarity your desire for seeking friends in the Christian community who both have and not have a mental illness. Like you, it is my dream and desire to gather those with a diagnosed mental illness and start a church of the people whom Christ especially loved and cared for directly so that church may become a beacon to the World of His goodness and His Kingdom is here today and not a place in the mysterious and unknown celestial heavens. It is here today!
      I know your name ” Mimi” and I will be praying for you as I write you name in my prayer Journal now and tomorrow morning.
      Numbers 6:23-26 “May the Lord bless you and keep you Mimi” May His face shine upon you and be gracious to you
      May He turn His face to you and give you Peace. Amen!


      • Irene says:

        Hi Philip,
        Could u also pray for me? The toughest thing is when u have mental problems lush an abusive family and no self esteem. I don’t have a single christian friend who cares. Everyone at church says he or she devotes his love to christ and loves me, yet none has ever lifted a single to help me or just even check on me after I shared my burden during prayers. People told me that they have prayed for me for months and yet when I asked what they were praying for me about, none could remember. I am all alone dealing with a comp.Evelyn meaningless life with zero quality of life.

        • Aloha Irene,

          I will pray for you. I can understand your feelings when you’re down in the dumps and its not a great place to be and all human beings share your experience. You are not alone and this respect you are not alone. I must admit and confess to you that when I feel that way, I purposely avoid people and become withdrawn into myself. I have chosen wrongly at times and have chosen to remain in that place. However, I realize that God loves us because He has given us the free will to choose one thing or another and this freedom of choice helps me to love God more.
          I share your feelings about some folks in the church but that is not the case in all churches. “Ms. L”, my friend who became a Christian at age 65, is affected with schizo-affective disorder but wanted and needed to attend a church. So we prayed that Holy Spirit would lead her to a Church who would love her towards the Cross by becoming a disciple of Christ. God Answered!! And I assure and promise that God will do the same for you but you must ask and be willing to move rather then remain at a familiar place. Ms. “L” is growing in her faith as others in the church love her through genuine Christian friendship.
          The Lord needs you in His service at a Church Irene please permit Him to lead the way.
          I will be praying for you.

          Shalom with much Ahavah,


          • Amy says:

            Philip, thank you for carrying on such a compassionate ministry in this space. Your comments are insightful and thorough, and you are so responsive to people. God is using you and your story.

          • Aloha Amy,

            Thanks for leading the way!!
            Today, I am attending the first ever meeting of a NAMI acknowledged Christian mental health support groups at the Honolulu Christian Church in Honolulu and its sister church The West Oahu Christian Church under the guidance of Mrs. Kumi Macdonald. I have observed how The LORD has first placed Kumi in a strategic position to effectuate this. Please pray for this group.



          • Amy says:

            That’s wonderful to hear! God bless you, Kumi, and all who will be involved. I will pray for you right now.

          • Phil Enomoto says:

            The first meeting with consumers and caregivers was great! It became Holy Ground as the LORD was present!
            Thank you for your prayers.

        • Veronica says:

          Hey Irene

          I will pray for you too.
          If you need to chat please contact me on bargin1hunt@yahoo.co.uk.

          God bless

          • John Kelly says:

            I was Baptised on 17 March 2018 I suffered with slight autism slight schiznophrenia and slight asperangers, according to my Psychiatrist, and have been on 20 mil citalopram a day and 65 mil quietalapine daily, always had these symptoms, although they were quite extreme when I was younger, during the Baptism while 3 guys prayed and commanded all evil and sickness to leave ,the illness manifested by snarling playing with the water , all through my body, but I had no controll over what was happening, my tounge kept sticking out, and I was absolutley terrified, I felt I WOULD die IN THAT BATH. after wards I felt completley free from all of it, havnt felt this good in about 10 years, I hope and trust in Jesus it is gone, have not taken medication since sat 17, dont feel the need, I felt JESUS cast all that enemy away, I now know that mental illness is caused by the enemy, I hope this helps you, please feel free to contact me if you need, may God bless and prosper you in all your life.

        • Dayna Glass says:

          Irene, I know this is old, but I have prayed for you. I pray that God will bring friends into your life. May God continue to bless you!!! God does love you!!!

        • Janet says:

          Irene we sound like we have a lot in common especially the self esteem issues. Care to chat.My email adress is SnymanJ18@gmail.com.

      • Vicki says:

        Hi Philip, I have been reading your responses and I am so encouraged. My son is in the hospital right now going through his 4th severe manic episode in 7 years. This started when he was 17 and he is now 23. He usually has to be hospitalized for weeks. He also abuses alcohol and drugs. He recently gave his heart to Jesus and truly was saved but right after his conversion had this last episode. I am so heartbroken over this and want so much to help him and encourage him in the Lord but right now he has totally cut me off and I am now the enemy. His name is Joel please could you pray for him thank you so much! God bless your ministry it is very needed!!

        • Aloha Vicki,

          I will be praying for your son Joel. Your disappointment is understandable and my heart goes out to you.

          I have to confess to you that I “fall off” my bicycle many times during my journey and I sincerely believe that the Lord truly supports us during those times of failure. Joel apart from his mental health problem must go through this as a disciple of Christ but in his own time. God will be there to catch him (us) when he stumbles. Christian stumble rather then frankly fall. Jesus Christ has done the work with respect to the Fall.

          An simple relationship overlooked by many in the Church is “Christian friendship”; i.e., genuine Christian friendship is grossly overlooked and relationships can become subject to expectations; i.e., conditional friendships and acceptance. Christian friendship is uniquely different. It is inclusive and exemplified by those with whom Jesus preferred to “hang out”‘; i.e., thieves, prostitutes, tax collectors, fishermen and lepers. The Church should be doing the same while seeing ll persons as precious in the sight of God. My understanding was helped greatly by participating in the Family to Family Education program which is probably in your town. Reading free books like “Strength for His People” by Dr. Steven Waterhouse, D.Min at Westcliff Press or Amazon will help tremendously to educate us and the Church. Dr. Waterhouse has a brother who happens to have schizophrenia and speaks and teaches with compassion. Please attend a NAMI support group and obtain a copy of the book. You will be of service to the Lord Jesus Christ!!

          One helpful consideration taught in the Family to Family Education Class taught by NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) is this: Joel, is on a different time-frame and his healing will be on God’s time table and not according to our expectations as well intentioned as they might be. An excerpt from “Dylan” states that getting well is “not a race” and my experience with my son over the past 17 establishes his point.

          I will pray that God changes my attitude towards my failure and expectations with regards to David whole person which is not defined by a disease but rather rather in slowly becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

          Today, I spent a day with Dave getting some art supplies and sharing his dream of becoming a free-lance artist again over lunch at a restaurant. He hurt his back on the job and will now use his God-given talent to create some beautiful paintings again. I believe Joel also has a God given gift of some kind which will mature in Joel’s season.

          Shalom with much Ahavah,


    • Donna says:

      Hi! I just wanted to reach out to others because I feel like I’ve isolated myself because others do not understand what I go through daily. I believe in God and he is good. I just need some friends out there who I can relate to.

      • Amy says:

        Hi, Donna. I’m glad you’re reaching out. I feel confident that there are many people who can relate to what you live with, but it can be so hard to reach out and connect with others. Have you thought about looking for a support group? You might want to check with Fresh Hope (http://freshhope.us/) and Mental Health Grace Alliance (http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/) to see if they have a group in your area. They’re faith-based groups for people who live with mental illness (and people who love/support them). I hope some others will respond to your comment as well, to encourage you.

        • Jennifer says:

          Hi Amy,
          I have a severe anxiety disorder that I was diagnosed with back in 2007 or 2009. For almost about a year I went without medication because I have religious/Christian people in my family that told me that God or the Holy Spirit can’t dwell in a person who takes medication of any kind. I suffered for almost a year before finally my sister who I was living with at the time, told me that I need to get help because she couldn’t stand me being in so much pain. I didn’t go at first because I didn’t think they would understand what I was experiencing so I put it off for months and months. I lost so much weight from not eating and anytime I tried to pray, my thoughts were all jumbled up and I was filled with confusion. I finally did go but it took another two the three years or so, before they finally put me on the right medication. The point of my post is to say that for years I wanted to get back to having a relationship with GOD but I suffered so much with my anxiety discover that it kept me from doing that. I agreed with everything you said about God healing through doctors and medication and I am ever thankful for the help that I finally received with the right treatment. I still take medication for my anxiety and I am still thankful to GOD for a doctor who finally listened to me and understood that what I was feeling was not depression, but PTSD and or anxiety. But now that I want to have a deep and committed relationship with GOD, I am still concerned and worried about my salvation. Can the holy spirit be blocked or prevented from coming into my heart if I am taking medication? Can I lose salvation due to my illness? Can I not receive the holy spirit because of my illness and because I am taking medication for it? Thank you and sorry for my post being so long.

          • Jenny says:

            I prayed for healing and God guided me to take medications. It was an answer to a prayer. God will always get through to you! Believe it

          • Amy says:

            Jennifer, I’m so glad you reached out with your questions. I can hear the tremendous pain and fear behind your words. I’m so sorry for what you have gone through. I’m sorry you have had people in your life giving you false messages about mental illness, about medication, and about God. I’m so glad you were able to find help and get on the right medication. It seems you have discovered for yourself that avoiding medication didn’t keep you from God, but suffering with severe anxiety kept you from being aware of God’s presence with you.

            No, you definitely can’t lose your salvation because of your anxiety disorder or because of medication. If you are a child of God, through faith in Jesus Christ and his work on your behalf, and you have accepted him as your only hope for eternal life, you have salvation and you can rest secure in that. The only thing that can cause you to “lose” your salvation is your rejection of that salvation—your lucid choice to walk away and choose eternity without God.

            If a person follows Christ in this life, I believe that person will be with Christ in eternity.

            The Holy Spirit dwells within all who follow Christ, and while your disorder may make it harder for you to sense or respond to the Spirit at times, neither your disorder nor your medication will keep him out of your life. In fact, I hope and pray that it won’t be too long before you begin to recognize ways that God is making himself more real to you and even using your suffering to draw you closer to him—and eventually to make you a ministry and a blessing to others.

            Please also know that the pain you experience does not mean God has abandoned you (Romans 8:35-38). If persecution, hunger, danger, and death itself cannot separate us from God’s love, we can be completely confident that medication and mental illness don’t have that power either. God loves you completely and unconditionally, and he will never walk away from you.

            Are you part of a supportive church that will help you accept God’s love for you, regardless of how you feel? Another idea is to find a Christian support group. A couple of places you could check to see if they have groups in your area:



            Also, here’s a Christian book I can recommend, written by a woman with bipolar disorder, which I realize is different from your anxiety disorder, but some of your experiences and spiritual questions may be similar:


            Are you familiar with Adrian Warnock? He’s a pastor at Jubilee Church in London and a trained psychiatrist. He blogs at Patheos.com, usually on other topics, but a few years ago he wrote a series on mental illness, which answers some questions and offers some hope. I think this article is the first in that series:


            And finally, I’ve written a host of other articles on this topic, some of which you might find encouraging or helpful. On my website, you can find a list with links: http://amysimpsononline.com/appearances/. Scroll down below the video and the list of broadcast interviews. Here’s one you might find especially encouraging:


            I hope this is helpful and not overwhelming. Please know that God has not abandoned you and will not ever walk away from you. You have not let him down either. Your illness does not surprise or overwhelm him, and he is not disappointed in you. He loves you no matter what, and any message you hear or feel to the contrary is a lie. Please also know that while you may feel alone, you’re not the only person enduring this kind of trouble. There are others out there, and some of them feel alone as well. You may be able to find support with them. I’m sorry for your struggle and I will pray today that you will be aware that the Lord is right alongside you. He loves you more than you can imagine.

            Please feel free to contact me through the contact form on this website, if you would like to.

          • Jennifer says:

            Hi Amy,
            Your insight has been a great help and relief to me.

            I will definitely look into the articles, support groups and books you’ve recommended.

            Thank you and God Bless!

          • Amy says:

            I’m so glad my reply was helpful. Hang in there.

  6. Jo says:

    I never knew until recently that I’ve probably had a mental illness for most of my life. Most of my family have too, through PTS of one kind or another.

    I thought that ‘mental illness’ happened to other people, but not me.
    I was ‘sectioned’ 18 months ago after a kind of breakdown/delusion/attack or whatever you want to call it. I was prescribed sulphide which I believe settled me down at the time.
    As a believer, I didn’t want to take meds because I believe that Jesus is the great physician. However, I took them to keep my loved ones happy, but I stopped taking my medication eventually.
    Last week, I believe that I was healed and I will try to explain what happened.
    I suddenly felt convicted of ‘self pity’, I’ve always seen myself as some kind of victim. I had the realisation that I had always had a chip on my shoulder and That I was a very angry person inside.
    Within minutes, I had the sense that the ‘madness’ had gone. It was as simple as that.
    I now believe that some kind of healing took place but I’m not actually born again yet so I’m still on a journey (please pray for my salvation).
    I hope this helps someone to have faith in God’s healing. “With God all things are possible”. Also, the Bible says that God is not a God of disorder, but of peace (1 Cor. 14:33).
    Please Don’t give up hoping and praying x

  7. sudhakaran says:

    Deae san,
    iam sudhakaran living tamilnadu at india.recently i had suffred from mental illness and was cured by the god.god gave me good job with pleasure.but after some days my sister having a same problem.i dont know why it is happening in my family accordinly.now i praying the lord for my family and me also.can you help me?

    • Amy says:

      Sudhakaran, I’m sorry to hear of your trouble. I’m glad to hear that you are doing better. I know it’s hard to see someone you love having the same difficulty. I can pray for you and your family, and I will offer a prayer now. You might also be helped by some of my other posts on this blog. Because I’m in the United States, I am not aware of the other help you might be able to find there in India. Perhaps another reader will comment with some ideas for you.

      • Joy says:

        Hello Amy I am 21 year old and last year I had developed mental illness due to that I have dropped my college I was born and brought in Delhi, India to Hindu parents. My mother is a devotee of lord shiva and she says just pray to him all your problems will be gone. What should I do.

        • Amy says:

          Joy, if you have read my blog you probably know that I am writing from the perspective of a Christian. And I often write to people who have heard these same messages from well-meaning Christians who want to help and just tell them to pray to God and their problems will go away. As a Christian, I believe prayer is an important activity, and many studies have shown that prayer and other spiritual practices are really helpful to people who have mental illness. However, I am firmly convinced (and neurologists have discovered irrefutable evidence that this is true) that mental illness originates in our brains and needs to be treated like any other illness. Many people will pray when they have another kind of illness, and they will go the doctor, take medicine, and take good care of themselves so they can be as healthy as possible. This is what we need to do for mental illness as well. I encourage you to seek help from a mental health professional who can recommend the sort of treatment that will help you, and also to do other things that will help you be as healthy as possible. I’m sure your mother wants what is best for you, but if you want to get better, you might have to ignore her advice and look for a counselor, a psychiatrist, or another kind of professional who can give you the help you need.

          • Joy says:

            Amy. To be very honest with u I was on medication for 8 minths. I have changed 3 doctors but medicines are not working on me. I keep on speaking in my head, I don’t know while driving while talking to someone every time I am speaking in my head and the voice of my thoughts is audible to others also. I am getting crazy I don’t know. If u could help me through Christianity, I would be very thankful to you. Since I was born and brought up in a Hindu family.

          • Amy says:

            Joy, that sounds very difficult. You may or may not know my mother has a serious mental illness (schizophrenia), and she has lived with symptoms like yours for many years. Medication helps her a lot, but it does not make all the symptoms go away. From living with her and loving her, I know this is a very hard way to live. I’m sorry that you are suffering.

            I don’t know whether you have been able to attend a support group or make some other connections with people who have similar kinds of illness. But I want you to know that you are not alone. Many others suffer as you do, and although people can be very cruel to those who have mental illness, there are many who also understand what your life is like and are ready to love and accept you. I believe God created you, loves you more than you can imagine, cares deeply about your suffering, and wants to give you hope. God sometimes heals people who have mental illness, but most of the time he does not make our illnesses go away. As a Christian, I believe our world was changed a long time ago, when people rebelled against their loving Creator, and that’s why we have diseases in our world. However, my faith tells me that when we follow Jesus, God promises to forgive us for our rebellion and to someday make us new and heal all our diseases. We can find hope, meaning, and comfort in our lives even when we suffer. Here are some blog posts I have written that you might find helpful:



            Also, I would like to have more conversation with you and help you as I can. I will email you and we can discuss how I can help. Ideally, I would love to help you make a connection to someone close to where you live who can offer you support and care, help you understand Christianity, and be a friend to you. So please look for an email from me.

          • Joy says:

            Thanks Amy so kind of you, I wanna ask how to stop speaking in my head. I had an appointment with a doctor he said there is a difference in thinking and speaking in head. I don’t know I can’t go to a temple or say church I keep on abusing and cursing god even. People around me get afraid to see me whenever I go outside I don’t know everyone is looking at me with cruelty and to be honest with I don’t go out of my home even. For instance yesterday I went to ATM I was speaking that password in my head and other people were looking at me, I got so panic that my password will be out so I left that spot. The problem is I keep on speaking in my head it has created a lot of trouble in my life. I have dropped out of my college even. Please help me medication is not working on me.

          • Amy says:

            Joy, this sounds very difficult. I’m sorry you’re experiencing so much trouble. I’m also sorry to say I don’t have a better answer than what your doctor can give you. Is your doctor a psychiatrist? They are the best ones to see for mental illness medication, even though general medical doctors can prescribe them as well. I know that sometimes it can take a long time for medications to really work for people. I have one friend who spent a year trying to find the right medication and to have it really help him. I encourage you to keep trying and keep taking the medication the psychiatrist wants you to try. You may have to give it a long time and try different types.

            You may also want to speak to someone at Mental Health Grace Alliance, who can help you find support and resources, answer questions, and coach you toward getting better. They can also help you find someone who can help you with spiritual questions. Their website is mentalhealthgracealliance.org. Their phone number is (254) 235-0616, and their email address is info@mhgracealliance.org. They don’t have any magical formulas to take away your symptoms, but they are good people who know how to help people find support.

          • Irene says:

            Amy, u must be one of those who benefit from treatments and therefore think everyone else must be like u. If u have been to support groups and prayer groups all over the world, u would realize that u don’t know it al. Many have taken med school and gone to therapy for decades without getting better. Many have also testified that after decades of treatments without relief, God miraculously cured them from schizophrenia or others, with even their psychiatrists surprised at their u explainable improvement. Don’t try to be God or put God in a box just because u have ur own limited experience. The world is much much bigger than you are and u are absolutely nothing in comparison to God no matter how big u are on earth. GOD CAN CURE THROUGH MEDICATION, DOCTORS, THERAPISTS, FAMILY SUPPORT, LIFESTYLE, BUT HE CAN–AS MANY HAVE TESTIFIED–ALSO CURE THRU HIS OWN MIRACULOUS WAY. MANY MANY HAVE TESTIFIED AND THESEE ARE ORDINARY PEOPLE WHOM YOU MET AT CHURCH AFTER YEARS, NOT SOMEONE TRYING TO MAKE A CAREER OR BOOK DEAL OR WHATEVER WITH THE CLAIM.

  8. Toni says:

    What advice can you give me for a friend who is married to a wife who has borderline personality disorder. He has been married to her for over 25 years. I feel he needs help because being married to such a woman has affected him mentally. He is a religious man and was seeing a therapist. However, I believe he no longer sees a therapist. I really think he needs to. I know you can’t make a person go to a therapist, but I feel so bad for him. I want to see him have a happy life. All I do is pray for him. I pray that God will lead him and help him make the right decisions to help himself. What are your thoughts? Do you have another suggestion for me on how to help him besides praying for him and being a good friend.

    • Amy says:

      Toni, you’re right. Being married to (or otherwise close to) someone with serious mental illness can affect a person’s mental health. It can also influence them to develop unhealthy or unhelpful ways of navigating life. It is a good idea for you to encourage your friend to seek the support of a therapist. And your prayers are important. It’s also a great idea to encourage him to find a support group. It can be really helpful for people to connect with others who live with similar circumstances. If your friend is a Christian, you might see whether there’s a Christian support group in the area. A couple of organizations I recommend are Fresh Hope (freshhope.us) and Mental Health Grace Alliance (mentalhealthgracealliance.org). You could see whether they have groups in your area. You might even offer to go with him to the first meeting (or subsequent meetings) if that would be beneficial. Besides your prayers, the most important thing you can offer is your friendship. I encourage you to continue to be there for him, to be willing to listen and patient if he seems unwilling to make hard decisions or take care of his own needs. He needs you to speak truth to him and to be a safe and consistent person in his life. God bless you as you seek to support your friend.

  9. Jackie says:

    Hello Amy, I’m so glad that I found your website. My sis has mental illness which started from post natal depression. I took her to a healing service at church and she has been healed. The problem I have is that she is still on medication and I don’t know how to tell her doctor abt the healing because he is not a Christian. Do you have any advice for me?
    Thanks Jackie

    • Amy says:

      Jackie, my advice is to leave it up to your sister. If she has been healed, she will be able to discuss this with her doctor and manage this for herself. And her healing should be apparent to her doctor over time.

  10. Peter says:

    Paul’s thorn in the flesh was not mental struggles, but rather attacks from Satan,such as persecution, jailing,hunger,ship decks, it the language of the day

  11. Jaldesa says:

    I had mental illness for many years I went see many therapists but I don’t heal had working for research institution this this work need reading and writing
    Disease repeatedly after feeling of heal ‘ ‘ ‘ i can.t pray God becuase of ilness but lose hope please give solution as Christian Jesus.

    • Amy says:

      Jaldesa, it sounds as if you have had a hard time. I’m sorry for all you have been through. I hope you will continue to work with a mental health professional who can give you the best advice for becoming more mentally healthy. Their work may not heal you completely, but it will give you the best chance of living well with mental illness. I also encourage you to look for a Christian support group in your area. Or if you can’t find one where you live, you can find one online. There are people in these groups who can tell you what has helped them and offer a lot of support to you. Please check with Fresh Hope (http://freshhope.us/) or Mental Health Grace Alliance (http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/) to see if they have a group in your area or you can join an online group. God bless you.

  12. Ma’am. It doesn’t look like there is a whole lot of hope on here. I didn’t take time to read the majority of, just the first handful of comments. I trust you put trust in the word of God. And that when he says he is “no respecter of persons” that means what he did for me he can and will do or you. People will twist the Word of God without understanding the entirety of the letter. For example: the thorn in the flesh that Paul talks about is people that are bothering him! Not a physical or spiritual ailment. Good lord, people latch onto “God doesn’t heal me because…” etc, etc. Well His Word is ALL true or ALL false..So please decide which you will choose.

    I want to let you know that I was healed of A.D.D.. A good ol’ fashioned laying on of hands by a man who actually believed I would be healed as well as myself believing God would heal me. I read enough of the word (it took me a long while, because A.D.D. won’t let you keep your own attention for too long). But after I was convinced that God is good and he heals, I was prayed for and healed of A.D.D.. My Lord I cannot tell you how tormenting A.D.D. is until now. Because I never knew what it was like to NOT have it. It never mattered how hard you tried to fight your mind and keep attention, it wouldn’t happen. The only thing I really knew is that something was wrong because people would get frustrated with me. Or they wouldn’t keep a conversation with me. Because I couldn’t stay focused on one thing. It was like my mind circulated with 100 thoughts in a minute. Almost two thoughts a second.

    But now my mind is calm and at peace! I can choose what to focus on and keep a clear mind. I can hold a conversation for as long as I want and sleep well at night (because the A.D.D. continued to keep my mind racing even at night). I’m telling you this to give hope that God DOES heal mental illness’s. The people were shocked of the man living in the caves because he was “sitting next to Jesus in his right mind”. I’m telling you my friends have been shocked at my right mind. They have seen it and noticed it. My parents couldn’t hardly believe it. But please take this as hope. After I was healed, I noticed I was learning ways of “processing”…I went to God in prayer about what was going on since I was healed of the A.D.D. and was still dealing with mental “processing” like memory and connecting dots and reasoning…and I read a scripture that jumped out at me like it was alive…The scripture read “like a joint out of place”…and right then the Holy Spirit spoke to me (not in an audible voice, but like a “knowing” the words he spoke to me, that neither you nor any man on earth could ever take it away from me) that just like a joint in the body that is out of place and put back into place, it takes time for it to get its FULL range of motion. So God heals immediately AND mends over time. It’s been about 2 years since I was healed and I am continually getting SO much better at reasoning, deduction and processing.

    I want you to have everything you believe for. Please believe for healing.
    God bless.

    • Josie says:

      Praise The Lord Joshua. I believe that The Lord does heal mental illness!! i was healed last year, but not sure what of. I’ve never been diagnosed by doctors, but all my family think im ‘mental’. My sinful lifestyle confirmed that i actually was too!!

      I asked Jesus into my life many years ago, but my walk/change has been slow.

      What happened last year was, For the first time in my life, i came to the realisation that i was the problem, with me! I looked up to the sky, And was told ‘the madness has gone’. From that point, i started to think more lucidly, in a spiritual way. Like my inner eyes have been woken up. I see more clearly and Scripture speaks to me more clearly. Sin must go, but when that happens, i don’t know.

      Thankyou for sharing what God, The Almighty has done. It is confirmation for me and others. God bless you ✝

  13. Jo says:

    “With God all things are possible”

  14. Leyla Anderson says:


    I would Also ask for prayers for my son angel. He suffers from depression ocd and anxiety. He struggles believing in God because he’s asked for healing with no luck. I need him to trust in God, meds and counseling. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers…

    • Aloha Leyla,
      I will pray for your son Angel. There is absolute Hope in Jesus Christ whose ministry always focused on special persons for whom He went to the Cross so that Resurrection Power in Hope would be carried forth to the Angel’s life and the lives of others today. I have a son who was affected with schizophrenia 18 years ago and by accepting his condition, taking his medicine and going to all medical appointments while also receiving God’s help is doing better today but David hasn’t been “cured” of the schizophrenia. He works 2 days a week driving a delivery truck for a non-profit and delivers meals to schools and foods made by the hands of others affected with a serious mental health problem.
      A friend of mine, Ms. Laurette who has schizo-affective disorder received and in faith believed in Jesus Christ over the telephone and today has a gifted prayer ministry as she also facilitates a support group of others who are affected like her with a serious mental health problem. God has touched her prayer ministry as he hears and answers her prayers spoken of behalf of others who are in need of prayer. She helps others.
      Angel has a special gift that is waiting to be expressed in his life; it is straining to become a tool for God in helping others. It is a journey of daily steps but it starts with one day at a time. Anxiety, OCD and depression multiplies itself. Ms. Laurette after 3 years says, “I am so happy and not bothered by anxiety any more; God has been answering my prayers” I don’t know what the formula is but I know she serves others and prays for others.. My son started to improve greatly when he started volunteering at a hospital close to where he lived for about 3 days out of the week.
      If Angel has a case manager she can arrange for volunteer work and if he doesn’t have a case manager he should ask his doctor / psychiatrist to help him get one.
      One other big thing that helped was when I as a parent volunteered to help others like my son and / or help other parents by volunteering for the National Alliance on Mental Illness in my town and later volunteering with United Self Help spending time with others like my son who are affected with a mental health problem. The main thing that is needed is Christian friendship.

      God bless you and Shalom,

      Phil Enomoto Realtor
      Bible Student / Volunteer facilitator NAMI Hawaii
      Volunteer facilitator / BRIDGES Hawaii / United Self Help Hawaii

    • Don Emmal says:

      If God heals only 37 percent of the time; it is perfectly all right to trust Him 37 percent of the time as well. And many mental health professionals are cold; incompetent or both. Meds can make things worse; even the nice; slick; beautiful full color ads on television are forced to admit it.

      • Hi Don,

        Amen!! And, I have experience how The LORD’s mathematics / arithmetic is of a totally different nature and character; i.e., it is supernatural! I have seen how HE makes up the 63% and turns the 37% into a 100%. GOD always gives back more as we choose to serve HIM. Though, imperfect and broken the LORD’s character of Immanence (working HIS power into everything including psychiatrist, case managers, and social workers regardless of their belief is astounding!)
        Let’s be watching, praying and hoping for more of this as we contribute to HIS effort and join HIM at the work.
        Thanks for being there as a watcher and prayer partner.

  15. DEEPTHY says:

    Brother, my Uncle having heaviness to left side of Chest, but not having pain. His Son is a Doctor .He take Uncle to his Hospital for Angioplasty .Please pray for Uncle having no disease related to heart .

  16. TZ says:

    Jesus healed and restored my mind from madness, tormenting thoughts, and suicidal depression. My family and friends abandoned me at that time and it was just me and God in that perpetual nightmare. It’s like very few people on here believe in Jesus’ healing power or the authority he gave us at all. We practically beg Jesus to heal like he is unwilling to do it–did he turn anyone away when they came to him on Earth? NO, he passed his healing mantle to his Church and gave us the AUTHORITY to command sickness to go. Do people not understand demons can afflict and cause madness, instability and sickness? Many people need to break agreement with their devices and lies to they can be free. Jesus Christ SAID we would do grater works than he and Jesus actually demonstrated the power and life of an AVERAGE Christian. Most churches I have been to do not teach how to supernaturally co-labor with Holy Spirit and many live crippled lives when they could be living their fullest for God. It makes me angry and sad, some of the hopeless comments on here that just settle for less from God. It’s robbery from the enemy when we have the entire resources of the Kingdom of Heaven at our disposal. If God doesn’t heal right away, ask him why. Don’t just assume it’s his will for someone to be mentally crippled for the rest of their lives. Many times I think we put words in God’s mouth. Ex. Sometimes people are not healed right away because they are believing a lie from the enemy and need to break agreement, need to repent of a sin or they need to forgive someone or themselves. Things like these actually block miracles and cause bondage and illness. I had a lot of bitterness, anger, self-hate, believed many lies and it cause my mind to b nearly lost and my emotions to be erratic and uncontrollable. I also had generational curses from a background of abuse, dysfunction and witchcraft. Many times being on these meds only gives the enemy a mask to hide behind when they need to be confronted! They hide behind the secular labels and diagnoses then surface on occasion to torment their victims. It’s a supernatural drug racket! Cause a problem then pretend to be the solution with this psych drug system that does not cure broken hearts and spirits. Their goal is to buffer the people of God so they cannot live out their full destiny in the Kingdom. This is a common enemy tactic God has revealed to me in my experience with mental AND spiritual sickness. You can’t separate the two. Your mind is the seat of your soul and your soul is the supernatural facet of our being that connects to an influencing spirit (Holy Spirit for the Church; demons for the world). The word “Psychology” means study of the SOUL! You are treating a supernatural construct with physical chemicals. What a crime and robbery. So many people needlessly trapped and crippled. They are made to cope rather that THRIVE and have ABUNDANT LIFE that God promised. It’s one of the biggest travesties I see on this planet.

    • Jo says:

      Dear TZ,

      I had a similar thing happen to me and sensed the words ‘the madness has gone’. I didn’t know i had any ‘madness’ as such, but had a feeling that i wasnt quite right.

      I had been sectioned 18 months previously which rocked me completely.

      I have never been diagnosed, but i felt something ‘lift’ from me.

      I still dont know what happened, if im honest. I just believe that He healed me that day…
      Glory to The Lord ✝

    • LAS says:

      TZ, I thank God for His Spirit in you. Thank you for this inspiration!
      From a daughter of the Most High who is the mother of another daughter who I claim these truths for. In the name of Jesus♡

  17. Jill says:

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2004. I have seen a few psychiatrists and therapists over the past years. I have been on medication that whole time. I’m sorry to say that the medications have not helped much and I have tried a lot of them. I have been on several combinations with no relief. I don’t know if I have medication resistant bipolar. I can say I’ve been suicidal many times over the years but thoughts of my family have kept me from it. I go through extreme depression and then cycle to mania where I spend a lot of money and get in debt and later I have no idea what I spent it on. This issue is extremely harmful to my marriage. Then on top of it all I developed tardive dyskinesia from the Abilify I was taking. I stopped taking this but now it has gotten really bad. I grimace, lick my lips all the time, grind my teeth, and my tongue moves around all the time causing me to bite the inside of my mouth all the time which causes extreme pain. I have prayed for God to take this away. It’s getting so bad I don’t even want to go outside the house and I am becoming extremely depressed. I have to admit I’m a little angry because My prayers go unanswered. I am tormented by this affliction and am becoming more and more hopeless. I’m crying while I’m writing this because I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m desperate for some relief. Maybe it’s because I don’t have faith that God can heal this? I ask God to give me more faith but I’m feeling like my prayers just aren’t heard. I feel so hopeless right now that I honestly don’t know what to do. I had to go to a new psychiatrist because mine is retiring and I don’t like my new one at all. She doesn’t listen to me, talks down to me and then just prescribes more drugs. I really think I need to find a different psychiatrist but I don’t have the energy to even start looking for one. Please help me.

    • Amy says:

      Jill, I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a difficult time. And it sounds as if you’re wondering whether it can possibly get any better. I”m going to pray for you right now. I want to assure you that God is with you and loves you more than you can imagine. He does not blame you, and he is not ignoring you. You are precious to him. I’m thinking it may be very helpful for you to get some support and guidance from other people who can relate to your experience. I would love for you to reach out to Mental Health Grace Alliance (http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/) or Fresh Hope (http://freshhope.us/find-a-group/). Both are Christian organizations that offer support and other kinds of help to people with mental illness. Fresh Hope was founded (and is still lead) by a pastor who has bipolar disorder. There might be a Fresh Hope group in your area, and if not (or if it’s too difficult for you to leave your home) you could try their online support group. It meets on Wednesdays. I’ve met some of the people who go to Fresh Hope groups (both in person and online), and it has made a big difference in their lives.

      Mental Health Grace Alliance offer support groups too, and they have other services, like mental health coaching. You might want to check out their Thrive program (http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/thrive/) because they offer personal coaching and help to people who are going through what you’re going through.

      Please feel free to email me (click the “contact” tab) if there’s more I can do to help. I could help you get in touch with someone at either of these organizations if that would be helpful.

  18. Matt says:

    Hi there! I’m currently experiencing withdrawal from medication for bipolar. Coverage issues is why. Not taking it made me feel more depressed and my anxiety has gotten worse. I don’t know if someone can get another disorder by not taking pills. If they can, I’m showing signs of schizophrenia. Even though that’s the case I’m not going to diagnose myself. I apologize if it looks like I’m showing off by naming all these disorders but this post is about my thoughts and experiences.

    I know that God is real. When I lived in a different state I was spiritually broken three times but went back to God each time after figuring things out. Now moved to a different state I fall in and out with God hourly.

    There was a time where I was truly happy/content. I would use God’s omniscience as motivation for me to learn. Can’t explain it well but I would read a subject and be intriuged by it because He knows everything. The problem was me discovering the idea that God may be Three persons instead of One. After that I asked myself “If God is three, all of them would be omniscient.” That was when the dissatisfaction began. I have a huge Unitarian belief system and I’m not trying to disrespect anyone if they believe God is two, three or above.

    I’ve also been reckless in my decision making but I’m nervous to discuss them to anyone but God.

    Lastly, I am getting help with either an internal medicine doctor or going to a specialist who can teach me other ways to help. Might be in a month or two, not entirely sure.

  19. Dee says:

    Please pray for my son who has been diagnosed wolith sychoaffective disorder, depression. He will start taking medication soon and I pray God will guide the Dr’s and for it to be the right dosage.

  20. Rayshawn Sandford says:

    Can God heal you from a mental illness? Yes, in the Holy Bible it explain how Jesus Christ healed people who demon possessed or mental illness. KJV Matthew 17:21 But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting. Our faith is what heals us from mental illness and other things we face. We have to believe before we are healed that God has healed us already in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Msg Matthew 9:20-22 The woman that was healed from blooding for many year had so much faith in Jesus Christ. She believe that only if she could touch His rode, she would be healed.

    Having faith in God when you can’t see no chance in the world you can be healed, BELIEVE in Jesus Christ. 2 Cor 5:7 For we walk by faith not by sight.

    God bless
    I was healed from a mental illness in 2012. No medication, no therapy just God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit the Counselor.

  21. R L D says:

    On July 29th, 2018 at about 1:00 p.m. I will celebrate my 50th year of depression. Have many ideas but do not know how I will deal with this anniversary of my half-century now of mental depression.

    I am a Christian, but would suggest you not reveal your bipolar or other disorder(s) to others, especially ministers, in the church of Christ. I did and have been closer to suicide since. I found ZERO empathy or offers of assistance in dealing with my depression. In fact – the minister inferring depression was caused by sin – sent me into a fast downward spiral of guilt and suicidal thoughts.

    It is like a remark about complaining about your situation: half of the people won’t care and the other half will believe you are getting what you deserve.

    I liken my feelings towards my minister as the answer I got after inviting a Nigerian friend who studied to be an Accountant at Harding College in our wonderful time there. The preacher was well known. I asked my friend how he felt about the preacher and sermon afterwards. His reply, was a simple “there’s no love in his voice.”

    I feel the same about my current minister.

    I love him as a brother, with him and his wife and daughter a most happy and successful Christian life on this earth and eternal salvation and my forgivenesses toward him where and whenever possible.

    But – regrettably but honestly – feel he has the “beside manners” of a MD that couldn’t care less. He seems to believe that any mental illnesses (despite children being diagnosed with them – maybe they committed some serious wrongs while in the womb) and are forever religiously discarded as hopeless sinners.

    I have attended worship services for the most part for about 2 years with this minister. In that time – 2 persons have ‘come forward to be baptized.’ One was a person who was acknowledgedly (sp) counseled by a church member and not the ministers’ sermon.

    My family history includes 4 suicides on my Mother’s family side and 2 suicides on my Dad’s family side. These happenings I have explained to my minister but he reacts as cold as ice to these unfortunate suicides – and seems oblivious to the beliefs that family history can repeat itself – and me in particular.

    Please respond – as I feel depressed my ministers actions and attitudes and comments.

    I am not kidding.


    R L D


    • Amy says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your long history of depression and disappointment. I know this is a difficult way to live, and I imagine these difficult experiences have taken a real toll on you. Perhaps it would be worth looking for a different church with a pastor that might be sensitive to your struggles.

    • fiona says:

      hello there RLD.. may i suggest that on the 18th of July,among the many feelings that you might feel, may one of the feelings you feel be a sense of congratulations and achievement that you have managed to stay a believer all these many years despite the difficulties and many attacks I’m sure you’ve been through. Perhaps others would have left the course, but despite it all, you stayed on and remained faithful… well done!! I’m also sure you value and love the Lord for what He has done for you…the greater our suffering the more we appreciate God!
      two years ago me and my mom started a drop in at the church for people with anxiety and depression and we have heard of so many suicides from their family/friends and it is so difficult and tragic….. bu may i say that NOWHERE in the bible does it say that suicides will go to hell- and I AM VERY VOCAL ON THIS… as I know some church ministers can say the opposite and leave family in a state of fear as to their loved-one’s destination. That is an added burden they do not need on top of their already great loss. I always emphasise that the bible is silent on that.. however the bible also mentions the greatness of God’s love and how He looks after those who are broken and in need and when people commit suicide they are not in their right mind at that point… so please be comforted by that as you have already lost so many in your family. That is not a free ticket to do it however for anyone reading this and perhaps thinking so…!!! However I do believe God is with all who suffer and the bible says ”blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted” so please just continue to stay close to Him.
      One last thing…have you ever at times considered that the good you have learned on your path in life, you would never have learned if you had gone another route.. and that perhaps God has allowed you too take this very hard route fr a reason ? Perhaps to teach you and strengthen you and be a blessing to others ? It is certainly a very hard path but your spititual understanding has surely been sharpened….Have you ever thought of THANKING the Lord for this path, as difficult as that sounds and feels ?? And do it with sincerity ? There is so muchto be learned by counting difficulty ”all joy” and learning to grow closer to Him in the very difficult times… a book, whcih is contraversial but which has blessed many believers around the world is ” Prison to Praise ” by |||||Merlin Carothers and hes suggests doing just that…I would recommend his book if it can be used with a steady faith and understanding to remain balanced. Remember God DOES heal all illness, including mental illness but so often it is gradual and not all at once (though I know of two cases which were dramatic and instant)… but mostly its ongoing and a gradual building up of that person’s faith and so often can include taking medicine and going along the medical path… but that is OK !! God helps us on whatever path we areon.. as I am very usre you know ! I would say to you, CONGRATULATIONS !! for remaining in the faith and being a believer all this time…( even if Im sure at times you felt you failed…. that is common enough!)….anyway, God bless you, please get this book and read other books of God’s ongoing help, testimonies etc as this will encourage you and of course, read your bible….i would say to you well done for staying the course and may you encourage many others in their difficult path also….

  22. francis says:

    i have been battling some mental illness for the past few years. it sometimes affect my decisions and make me sin undeliberately. but one thing i never ever thought i could do was to fornicate. I dont think i was myself that day, the depression and auditory hallucination have become severe that day. i never lusted, but i fornicated. i am annointed, i saw it happen, it wasnt by human hands. and i think the annointing makes me detest fornication so much that, i just dont like it. but now, the guilt, and everything makes me become very down most at times and the auditory hallucination voices also keep reminding me of what i did. i know, i didnt do it willingly. i have been about it, but some suicide thoughts have been crossing my mind ever since that happenned

    • Amy says:

      Francis, I’m sorry for your struggle. I know it’s hard to live with mental illness, and it sounds as if your sin has made things even harder. I want you to know that you are not more sinful than any other Christian. We are all steeped in sin from the moment of our birth, and only God’s grace makes us clean and righteous in his eyes. The fact that you are affected by serious impediments to your mental health means you’re going to struggle more with things like self-control and making positive, life-giving choices. But that doesn’t mean you are a more sinful person than anyone else. We all have the same capacity for sin.

      At the same time, your sin is covered. Christ has graciously replaced your sinful self with his own perfect righteousness. When you hear the voice of condemnation in your head, telling you that you aren’t good enough and you’ll never get it right and God doesn’t really love you, those are lies. That is not God’s voice. The Bible tells us “There is now no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). Based on what you wrote in your email, I believe you belong to him. You are not, and will not be, condemned. You are set free, even though your experience here and now may not feel like freedom. The enemy would love to send you to the sidelines with these condemning message, but they are all lies from the father of lies.

      Please talk with a mental health professional about your thoughts of suicide. The sooner you get help, the better you’ll be. Have you thought about finding a Christian support group for people with mental illness? I suspect it would be really helpful if you could talk with some other people who experience some of the same things you do. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a Fresh Hope group in your area (http://freshhope.us/find-a-group/) or a Mental Health Grace Alliance group (http://mentalhealthgracealliance.org/peerlivinggracegroup/). You could also look for a NAMI group (https://www.nami.org/Local-NAMI/Programs?classkey=7b7ca6ea-b678-4321-aaa7-a8f7f814d1f3). It would not be a Christian group, but NAMI groups are generally faith-friendly.

      I hope you will accept God’s forgiveness and find freedom from your self-condemnation. At the same time, I hope you will receive the help you need for your symptoms and your thoughts of suicide. I will pray for you right now.

    • Amy says:

      Francis, here is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255. Please call if you are considering suicide. The world needs you, and God has purposes and plans for you.

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