Find Your Seat and Sit in It

This week I’m celebrating an accomplishment and some significant growth that’s happened in my life over the last few months.

Over the weekend, I finished the last course of the Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Coaching program. I’m now a fully trained and confident personal and professional coach, with access to a solid set of tools to help others move from where they are to where they want to be.

So I’m celebrating–and part of my celebration is taking a bit of a mental break with a very short (for me) blog post.

But as part of my celebration, I want to stop and acknowledge the most significant thing I’ve learned (among so many powerful lessons) through this training program. I’ve learned to really embrace the reality that the world needs me to be me. I don’t have to try to be someone else; simply acknowledging who I am and being the person I am is enough. God didn’t put me here to strive to be someone I’m not or to suppress myself in deference to what I think the world wants from me.

When I bring myself into relationship with someone else and employ coaching tools to help them grow and transform, great things can (and do) happen.

When I walk around this world, I have impact as a person made in God’s image, claimed by him so I can do the good things he planned for me long ago (Ephesians 2:10).

This is a lesson for all of us. We are not put here to sit in other people’s chairs.

It’s a lesson for you.

Being you is a tremendous privilege–no one else gets to do it.

Now get out there and be you.

  1. Ray says:

    Amy once again you have inspired me. I bought your book some time ago as someone who had found myself trying to recover from burnout and depression. My wife and I are from Zimbabwe and had served 25 years as missionaries in Africa, but found it had taken it’s toll.

    The past 3 years I have been trying to “get back on track” with my life and create an income again now that we don’t rely on others gifts to serve in missions. I’m 58 years young and have 3 married children and 4 grandkids, but my wife and I adopted 2 girls (now aged 11 and 13) just over 10 years ago.

    In praying about what route to follow to provide an income (the wore retirement isn’t in my vocabulary), I have researched writing (I did write my first book 4 years ago about my life) and have started a shopping community network business. However my greatest desire and “calling” is to help others find purpose and live their lives as God intended individually for them.

    This in turn got me interested in life coaching and I’ve explored a few options here in South Africa in this regard. My dilemma has been to focus on one of the above options (I’m pretty sure I’m ADHD) and give it a push! However limited finances are a challenge. Anyway all this to say you’ve inspired me to believe again that I need to be who I am and not be someone else and ask God to lead me into whatever it is that He has for me in this season of my life, to enable me to provide for my family but also help others to find their purpose and fulfillment in their lives.

    God bless you.

    • Amy says:

      God bless you too, Ray. Thanks for letting me know this inspired you. I do hope you’re able to pursue coaching or some other avenue for expressing exactly who God made you to be!

  2. waynedeibel says:

    short , and impact-full message. Thanks !

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