Coming in May . . . but Already Here!

DSC_0126No, the book hasn’t officially launched. But I do have copies, and I wanted to share my excitement. After almost two years of thinking about this book and working toward its release, it feels great to hold it in my hand.

Look for it in May. And subscribe to this blog (over on the left side of this page) if you haven’t already. I’ll be offering a special deal to subscribers. Maybe even a giveaway.

Stay tuned . . .

  1. Trillia says:

    Congratulations, Amy! I look forward to reading this. And I’ll be in contact in the next few weeks! Blessings on your work!

  2. heather schopp says:

    hurray amy!!!! I can’t wait to read it! congratulations amy girl!

  3. Love the cover and I’m sure the contents will be just as interesting and impacting. Go Amy!

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