14 Signs of Spring at the Simpson House

This is how we know it’s spring around here . . .

1. It still looks and feels like winter. This year, a lot of people are complaining because last year it was about 80 degrees in March. I don’t understand this complaint–did the subsequent drought and record heat wipe your memory of all preceding years? I think it’s important to remember that wasn’t normal! Chicago did not magically migrate to Texas!

2. Once it’s out of the 40s, I turn off the furnace. My husband, Trevor, turns it on. I turn it off. Trevor turns it on. You get the idea.

3. Goose poop. Not in the house. Outside. But lots of it. Why do they hate us? Is it because they’re Canadian?

4. My toes make their first real appearance in five months. For some reason, I am the only one who celebrates.

5. Lilacs!

6. Cardinals!

7. Severe weather!

8. Allergies!

9. The kids pull out their summer clothes and start wearing shorts and T-shirts to school when the temperature hits 50.

10. We finally finishing last fall’s outdoor projects, like pulling last year’s dead plants out of the planters, just in time to plant something new.

11. I make my annual resolution to develop an appreciation for baseball, as the first step in becoming a fan. My resolve lasts about an inning and a half.

12. Walking into the backyard, we catch the smell of dirt and young plants. And all the dog poop that was frozen and hidden beneath the snow.

13. The dog, who has been inexplicably shedding all winter, sheds more and faster.

14. We rejoice as the first buds appear, followed by blossoms and blooms . . . then the weeds start growing. And cruel reality crushes our ideals once again.

What signs did I miss?

  1. Amy says:

    The sound of birds singing.
    The sound of a lawnmower always signals that spring has arrived. (and takes me back to my childhood)

  2. Trevor says:

    How about the kids insistence to not ever shut the door when going outside. Even though it is still 50 degrees outside.

  3. Kathy Kriemelmeyer says:

    The emergence of “weather short term memory” which causes you to forget all Chicago spring seasons past. Suffers of WSTM put away all their winter clothes with the arrival of the first 50 degree plus day because obviously we will no longer need them. Later when they have to drag their winter coat back out they slap their foreheads and remember we live in Chicago….

  4. Hahahaha, Amy! Your post took me back to my days living in Chicagoland. I laughed out loud at the goose poop! It’s SO true! One time a mama goose laid her eggs in the bushes surrounding the building of the church I served. She honked and hissed as everyone walked by. Some peeps complained that she creeped them out. I saw an opportunity to preach a sermon on the Holy Spirit, which the Celts call the Wild Goose! 😉

    You asked what you missed. I remember getting reacquainted with our neighbors after the winter hibernation. We would laugh and “reintroduce” ourselves each spring. The cold weather kept us in, and the melt and warmer weather (aka 40s and 50s) brought us outside in our yards and cul de sac again.

    • Amy says:

      Great one, Angie. This week, I’m seeing people in the neighborhood I feel like I haven’t seen for a long time–and they live on my block!

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