14 Things I’ll Miss after the Mayan Apocalypse

Since we are only 18 days away from the Mayan Apocalypse–the much-publicized but ill-defined end of the world as we know it, I think it fitting to pause and pre-memorialize 14 things I will really miss afterward. Why 14? I really have no good reason.

I am, of course, assuming I will be among the survivors–this assumption seems reasonable to me, and without it this post would make no sense at all.

Because I don’t know who will survive with me, I’ll take the liberty of leaving people and animals off this list. It’s a given that if they’re all gone, I’ll miss my family and friends–and my dog, Rosie–most.

So besides them, here are 14 things I’m really going to miss:

1. books–I am hoping to somehow salvage at least a Bible, like Robinson Crusoe did. And maybe a copy of The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

2. penicillin–This stuff comes in pretty handy.

3. Chap Stick–Yes, I have a problem. I’m not afraid to admit it.

4. tomatoes–I don’t even want to think about it.

5. dark chocolate–Maybe I’ll start hoarding now.

6. electric fans–I’m pretty sure I can make it without air-conditioning, but without some kind of airflow . . . I just don’t know.

7. camping–I’m pretty sure this phenomenon will be passe once daily life becomes a struggle for survival.

8. working out–another concept I’m guessing will no longer exist, replaced by “surviving.”

9. salt–It’s going to be tough to adjust to bland food.

10. binder clips–They’re my favorite office supply, especially the really tiny ones and the jumbo size.

11. Q-tips–Really, what job can’t these little guys help with?

12. DVR–How will I skip the commercials?

13. thermometers–For some reason, I really like to know what the temperature is.

14. toothpaste–I’m pretty sure I can find a decent substitute for the toothbrush, but I’ll miss that minty-fresh feeling.


What will you miss?

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  1. Joel E. says:

    This sounds just like you. I’d probably miss the computer showers and good food in general the most 🙂

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