What Is God’s Personality?

I have personality envy. Recently, I called my husband’s attention to a woman we interact with frequently at a medical office. I told my husband, “She has the kind of personality I’ve always wanted.” She’s warm and personable, friendly but not intrusive.  She seems naturally kind and steady, and she puts people at ease. And […]

When Women Stop Competing and Share

Economists tell us a fundamental principle of their discipline lies in the relationship between scarcity and competition. When a resource is scarce (or perceived as such), people feel an increased need to compete for that resource. In general, the more severe the limitation, the more desirable that resource appears and the fiercer the competition. Sociologists, […]

Leading Your Leaders

As a leader, it’s easy to understand and embrace your responsibility for those entrusted to your leadership. But how often do you think about your responsibility to lead your leaders? Try these 10 strategies for exercising your leadership skills in relationship to those who lead you.   1. Pray for them. This is pretty self-explanatory. […]

A Self-Denial Comeback?

Through happenstance, I recently found myself touring the exhibit hall at a kitchen and bath expo. It was in a large hall, filled with booths displaying everything from faucets to flooring, countertops to bathtubs, sinks, and plumbing supplies. In one booth, I was astonished to see portable camping stoves with ovens. Now that’s living the […]

An Open Letter to My Daughter on Her Baptism

My dear daughter: As I watched your dad baptize you yesterday, I felt so proud of you and tremendously thankful to God. There’s nothing more joyous for Christian parents than to see their children following Jesus and growing in faith. Knowing you took that step yesterday because you wanted to, I couldn’t have been happier. […]

Faith, Hope, and Pretending to Be Happy

I recently watched another film about a happy Christian family who was living the great sentimental dream until tragedy struck. Their world turned upside down, so they grieved for about ten minutes, they questioned God for one moment, and they had a big fight. Then they were touched by a sermon they heard, they remembered […]

When Good Gifts Turn Bad

In my observation, some of the worst “troublemakers” in organizations of all kinds are women with frustrated leadership gifts. Like all gifts, leadership can be used in positive or negative ways. Someone with the gift of hospitality may use it to build up the body of Christ–or to foster a clique. A gifted teacher may […]

Should Churches Stop Asking for Volunteers?

“Don’t sit on the sidelines. Get in the game.” “Don’t just show up. Get involved.” “The church needs you. In fact, we need you and four other people to volunteer for…” Do church leaders understand the potential manipulative power of these pleas? I’ve attended—and volunteered in—several churches. They’ve all needed volunteers to accomplish the plans […]

Life, Death, and Generosity

A week ago last Friday, at 9:00 a.m., I cried and prayed for the family whose devastating sorrow would mean a new lease on life for my brother-in-law, Dan. I wrote about Dan, my sister, Cheryl, and their four children in a blog post back in January. Last year, Dan was diagnosed with the rare […]

Leading Anxious People through Change

When my daughter was getting ready to enter second grade, she was really anxious. Every time we asked her how she felt about it, she said she was scared and nervous and she didn’t want to go to second grade—ever. We talked about her feelings and tried to figure out why she felt so anxious. […]

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