Too Many Bosses for Church Staff

I know a thing or two about living in the parsonage. As a pastor’s kid, I spent 10 years living in the house next door to the church. And later, as a youth pastor’s wife, I spent a few more living in a bubble that may as well have been a parsonage. The thing about […]

Women Leading Men at Work

How to lead men in a professional setting: I’ll admit I don’t have much to say on this topic. It’s not because I haven’t led men, and it’s not because the topic doesn’t matter. It’s because I don’t think a lot needs to be said. When women lead men in their work, gender doesn’t have […]

The Only Way I Know How to Live

Last week I made four trips to the doctor. One for me, one for a sick kid, and two for my other sick kid. I spent the week trying to ease muscle spasms in my neck, which have afflicted me for three weeks. I had several frustrating and discouraging social interactions. And I nearly cried […]

TMI: Keep Your Eyeballs to Yourself

Last week at a school orchestra concert, I saw two moms engaged in a heated argument while the poor assistant principal tried to mediate. My husband, a school counselor, mediates these kinds of conflicts all the time–usually between moms, usually over a conflict that actually belongs to their kids. It reminded me of the time […]

Why Are “Psychos” So Scary?

Last week, on my way to a lunch meeting, I drove by a billboard advertising a Halloween attraction called Statesville Haunted Prison. I suspected it somehow capitalized on mental illness, so I looked it up. Sure enough, Chicagoland’s “greatest haunted house” is a celebration of popular cliches about mental illness–among other stupidities. The prisoners have […]

How NFL Referees (Like the Rest of Us) Proved Their Value

“Oh, Now You Love Us.” That’s the headline overlaying a picture of beloved NFL referee Ed Hochuli, staring at me from the cover of the Sports Illustrated issue I pulled from my mailbox this morning. Referees, players, and fans are all breathing a sigh of relief after September 29, when the NFL officially ended its […]

Should Churches Differentiate?

A few years ago, in a show of solidarity with my daughter, I reread the classic Little House on the Prairie books and Anne of Green Gables. One phenomenon I noticed this time around (probably because I’m in the habit of thinking about church leadership) was that the books’ churchgoing characters didn’t have to choose […]

Why We Need Time Alone with God

  The Everyday Matters Bible is a new Bible for women, just released by Hendrickson Publishing in partnership with Christianity Today/Today’s Christian Woman. Here is a short devotional article I wrote for the Bible and got permission to share with you as well . . .   Richard Foster, in his classic Celebration of Discipline, […]

Take Heart–We’re Not the Center of the Universe

I recently enjoyed the book The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and learned something new about world and Christian history. I didn’t know that the Christian church in Japan dates back at least to 1549 and some believe it may go back much farther, to 400 AD. In the 1600s, a period of intense […]

How Vegetarians Love Our Neighbors

When I was eight, we spent part of a year living across a country road from a cattle feedlot. This was a plot of land dedicated to feeding a few thousand cattle. The cattle’s owners, mostly investors, kept them there on consignment so they could spend their short lives mostly standing around and eating. They […]

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